Japanese food 1

Hello. It's raining and it makes me unpleasant.

I went to Okonomiyaki restaurant with Negi this Monday.
Do you know Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is Japanese food. The word "Okonomi" means "As you like".
You can enjoy topping like rice cake,cheese,sauce,mayonnaise and so on.
This is responsible for its name.

Okonomiyaki has two flavor "Kansai-style" or "Hiroshima-style".
Both of them basically consist of wheat flour and cabbage.

Difference between "Kansai-style" and "Hiroshima-style" is whether mix or layer.

Kansai-style Okonomiyaki.
Mix flour,cabbage and other ingredients and bake.

Kansai Style Okonomiyaki

This is Kansai-styale Okonomiyaki. (I hate my painting ability!)

On the other hand,Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki.
Layer material which baked and made round flour, cabbage, noodles(Mostly Chinese noodle or Udon.) and other ingredient.

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki

I ate half size one because normal size Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki is too big for me.
When my first-time Hiroshima-style, I got carried away and ordered twice size.
I kick myself.
You should be careful when you order Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki.

When I was in my hometown,I had never eaten Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki.
I thought Okonomiyaki is only one style,"Kansai-style".

I think Kansai-style is known more than Hiroshima-style.

Which one do you like or want to eat?

article 1

How are you doing? I am a little tired because I did club activity from early morning(6:00!).Also,I did presentation to my class mates. It was hard day.

By the way, I read an article about China. I was so shocked! So, I want to introduce it to you.
That is the story about a village. Surprisingly, we cannot find this village on any maps! Why?

Over a decade ago authority built reservoir(artifitial lake) to provide fresh water for a city.
More than 200 homes lie beneath the reservoir's surface.
But the villagers did not receive compensation. Then a group built a new village near the lake without official permission. The villagers stood up against the authorities.

It is the issue that they don't have official ID cards and resident papers.
A villager who have children said "When children are born, when they grow up, when they to school, get married, find a job, there is no way to show they exist," she says. "When they die we just bury them."

I felt sad when I read it.
They don't exist officially but there are.
Certainly, economic development is good thing but Chinese government should think about people.
Minority harm majority for the sake of benefit.This is wrong. Human rights are most important of all things.

How do you think?



My name is negi(A kind of vegetable).
Today,I want to introduce you about me.
I am 19 years old and Univercity student.
I'm majouring in English education.
I want to be an English teacher and teach English in high school.

I like soccer very much! I've played it for 10years.
So,Iwant to teach soccer too.

I also like reading books. Especially Kanesirokazuki and Ishida Ira!(Do you know them?)

We(G-th and I)run this Blog in order to improve our English skill.
So when I make mistakes,please indicate it.
I will write up something once per two days.
Thank you for reading it!

Nice to meet you!


My name is G-th. I'm in my first year of university.
I'm majoring in English education.

I live in Hiroshima Prefecture.
This is my first year to live alone.

My hobby is reading.
I especially love Truman Capote and Raymond Chandler (but I can read only translated book. I always give up an English book halfway).

I don't belong to any club.

I want to improve my English skills so please point out my mistakes if I did.
I would be grateful for your support.

Thank you!
We are...


Negi and G-th.
We are in our first year of university and majoring in English education.

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